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Mugs/Cups/Tumblers Mugs/Cups/Tumblers
When I first started making dinnerware, I spent most of my time trying to figure out a mug handle that was different. I've resisted doing anything but the snake handle, but have finally come up with a mug with a traditional handle. The cordial/juice cups were added in 2008. I'm also currently working on a tumbler design.
Bowls Bowls
Cereal bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, bowls of many shapes and sizes, probably one to fit your needs.
Plates & Dinnerware Plates & Dinnerware
The small plates are great as a luncheon plate or under a colander to catch water from freshly washed produce. The dinner plates are great for that big holiday meal or as a small serving platter. The big platters are great for a variety of cookies or other desserts that you want to display on your buffet table. Want a specific size? Call one of the galleries and ask for a quote.
Colanders Colanders
I am currently not producing these items, please see more photos under the Archival category.
Chip-N-Dips Chip-N-Dips
I am currently not producing this line of work while I search for a new red clay. You can see some of the images under the Archival category.
Serving Dishes Serving Dishes
Some of these bowls can be coupled with a dip bowl to make a nice chip and dip, or be used alone for a serving or mixing piece.
Serving Sets Serving Sets
All of these items can be purchased separately, but wanted to display them as sets also so you can see their proportions to one another.
Casseroles / Baking Dish Casseroles / Baking Dish
I am currently not making these pieces with the blue glaze. I am testing some new glazes now and hope to start production on these pieces again soon.
Other Fun Things Other Fun Things
A catch all category for all the other stuff I make.
Soap/Lotion Dispensers Soap/Lotion Dispensers
These dispensers are little workhorses, whether at the kitchen sink or your bedside to remind you to moisturize at night. I am not producing any of the blue glazed items right now.
Luminarias Luminarias
I've always loved to arrange these in odd number sets, small, large, in stands or without. Try a combination that you think you might like.
Majolica Majolica
Majolica is yet another type of glazing method, frequently done on terra cotta. Some of these pieces have been done on a low fire white clay, some terra cotta. I am still exploring shapes and designs, and am looking forward to expanding this line of work.
Raku Raku
Raku is a firing process where the piece is removed from the kiln at the height of temperature and placed in a reduction bin (in my case a trash can with white paper). The paper catches fire since the pottery piece is anywhere from 1400-1800 degrees. The lid is placed on the can to smother the fire, and the smoke does it's work with the glaze. There's a range of color development with coppers, varying crackle effects with another type of glaze, always a treat to open the reduction and see what has developed.
Mosaic Tile Mosaic Tile
Most of my tiles are cut by hand, although I have started to use cookie cutters when I find some that are to my liking. Handmade tile is a labor of love since it is very time consuming.
Slumped Glass Slumped Glass
I became curious about firing glass in my kiln a few years ago and took a couple of classes. The slumped glass process needs to go through at least 2 firings just like clay, but at a much different firing schedule and temperature.
Archival Pieces Archival Pieces
While I am not currently producing these pieces, they may be put back into production when I find the time.